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Associate Financial Planner
Founder, Pragati Weallth Management

Upendra singular focus is to take decisions for the well-rounded financial fitness of his clients. With 25+ years of professional experience, he has a thorough understanding of how to come out financially stronger despite the rise-fall of markets. Rightly so, the logo of his financial firm Pragati Weallth Management is the Umbrella that keeps you protected.

He founded the firm with the mission of creating a model firm for wealth management with the values of trustworthiness, ambition, innovation, dynamism & excellence in all dealings. It is now the firm of choice for the entire lifecycle management of his clients financial life from childs education to retirement planning and everything in between financial planning for good lifestyle, preferred holidays locations, medical care, life insurance & general insurance. The Umbrella of Protection follows a success delivering robust process of Financial Planning.

Upendra has secured the future of business owners, entrepreneurs, top-level management, corporate executives and wealthy families by applying the right financial instruments like mutual funds, stocks, etc. with a focus on wealth enhancement.

His professional approach and client orientation come from a glorious stint in sales, marketing, business development & distribution management in the healthcare/financial industry, where he led a team of up to 120 managers. Thus, he has a first-hand knowledge of the customer needs and the ways to address those needs by authenticity & progressive means.

Upendra works tirelessly to add to his own professional credentials - FPSB certification, CFGP certification by the American Academy of Financial Management & Goal planning certification are only a few from his long list of credentials. As a good-natured human being, he contributes his time to the Red Cross Society and St John's Ambulance.

Upendra is truly the professional to entrust ones financial lifecycle and to grow wealthier under the Umbrella.



I am on a Mission to Help 10,000 families to Secure their Health & Wealth through Mindful Protection planning.


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